Here’s what others have to say about us!

Laura from Australia

“Caroline and Nick were a huge help to me as I transitioned into life in Berlin. They continued to guide me along the way for the two years I was there; with translations, language lessons, local recommendations and general advice. Making my move to Berlin while speaking very little German was a daunting challenge. Settling in Germany certainly isn’t made easy for ex-pats, with a lot of the staff at the official appointments unable or unwilling to speak English (e.g. Bürgeramt/ Finanzamt/ Arbeitsamt). Life is SO much easier if you have a native speaker attend these appointments with you. For me, Caroline was especially helpful with medical appointments and dealing with my health insurance company. I was unwell for part of my time there and it was a massive relief to have her accompany me to some of the appointments where it was important to understand exactly what was going on. Both Caroline and Nick make you feel at ease in the chaos that can be Berlin and have a great sense of humor when it comes to dealing with the “challenges” of living within the German system. My experience of living in Berlin wouldn’t have been nearly as positive if I didn’t have these guys to call on!”

Jenia and Corbin from Canada

Caroline and Nick’s assistance has been and continues to be immensely helpful during our transition from Canada to living and running a business in Germany. We have called on the Kulturdepartment team in many capacities, from translating a 30+ page business plan from English to German as part of our visa submission, to attending official meetings at various German public departments with us and translating on our behalf. We appreciated their knowledge and expertise of navigating through administrative requirements, particularly as we were starting a business. Caroline is an excellent advocate to speak on your behalf – she was relentless in placing calls (and calls and calls) to reach various Amt contacts whose approval or feedback was necessary to our progress. She worked hard to gather information by phone, to identify and connect with key decision makers, and ultimately to bring us the answers to move our business needs forward.

I highly recommend the services of Kulturdepartment – your interactions with all government agencies will be exponentially easier with their help.

Please stand by while we twist some more arms to get more reviews.

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