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This is Nick.

Nick was born and raised at the crossroads of the Sacramento River delta and the foothills of the devil’s mountain, just east of San Francisco. As a child, he spent many years buried deep within the pages of a National Geographic magazine, devouring the pages, reveling in our universe’s infinite mystery and beauty. He has traversed granite mountaintops, felt the golden kiss of a swollen setting sun on rugged windswept coastlines, and found sanctuary in the empty brutality whispered in the breathless songs of the high desert.

During the course of the past three decades, he has curated a deep sense of respect for and curiosity about communication and perspective, and for exploring the perceptible world through his creative endeavors. He earned his bachelors in business economics and philosophy and his masters in international development and social change. The intervening years have generated within him an awareness of the inequity of social power structures engendered by the modern globalized world. Like the young and reckless hearts with which he surrounds himself, he is on a mission to right these wrongs, one word, one sentence, one spoken breath at a time.

In his free time, Nick pursues the chemistry and pleasures of kitchen craft, serving up anything from cured meats to fresh baked bread, pickles, and multi-dimensional home-brewed ales. He writes two independent blogs, plays his music in the sun, and is racking up an impossible number of cycle miles on his classic red racer.

One of Nick’s important functions at the Kulturdepartment is working with our numerous international clients as an editor and English language consultant, transforming their written work into definitive pieces with clarity and purpose. Having worked with people from numerous countries, over the years he developed a unique view of linguistic intersection and learned how best to preserve intention and nuance within the English language, regardless of the author’s mother tongue. He also facilitates creative and strategic planning, and has struggled through enough administrative processes to provide the perspective of an Ausländer as well as optimism and encouragement.

Most days you can find Nick at the Kulturdepartment office, sleeves rolled up with a mason jar of coffee and a red pen, and usually sitting in that one square of afternoon sunlight as it pours in through the window and moves across the room.

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