This is Gabriele.

Due to her childhood in Canada’s East, Gabi speaks German and English perfectly and soon added Québécois French to her list of languages she speaks. Growing up surrounded by a colorful mix of languages made her sensitive for languages in general, woke her curiosity about what they have in common and what makes them so individual at the same time.

No wonder then that Gabi studied Latin and English at Cologne University in order to become a high school teacher. After one year of teaching in the east of Scotland, a year in Finland and another two in Germany’s northwest, she preferred to concentrate on raising her three children. An absorbing, fascinating occupation that also furthered her own development!

But there was always time enough to look into the languages of Germany’s neighboring countries: Since Gabi and her family lived on the Dutch border, she did translation from Dutch to German in addition to working as a translator for ENG /DE, DE/ENG, FRE/DE.

During her time in Northern Germany, Gabi’s childhood dream finally became true: to have a dog – or rather: up to six sighthounds of different breeds completed the family. These 4-pawed companions guided her career gently to a different direction as it all came together perfectly with her interest in languages. For example, Gabi interpreted and translated the presentations of world famous scientists at four international symposia on wolves and dogs and judged international dog shows in a number of European and North American countries.

The only thing that has nothing to do with Gabi’s love for languages is her passion for art: a great appreciator of a wide range of art and art history, she loves doing watercolor paintings and drawings of all and everything in the world that she values – and she is pretty damn good at it.

Her long experience with a plethora of countries, cultures, languages, translating, editing, proof-reading and teaching, highly qualifies Gabi to work at the Kulturdepartment and help with anything concerning German, English, French and Dutch. Currently, she is improving her Italian and is looking for a Modern Greek class – another language she has always been fascinated with.

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