A few words about what we do

We have a unique combination of skills, services and team members as well as languages. We work together as a strong, international and multicultural team with heaps of personal and professional experience, a combination that enables us to make our clients’ experience in Berlin and Germany as carefree as possible. Our individual and flexible support, mentoring and assistance further allow us to reach our clients on many levels such as in person, online and on the phone. That way, our clients can reach us from all over the world and due to our flexible working hours, we are basically available 24/7. Instead of group workshops and language classes at other institutions where a newcomer to Germany is one in many, at Kulturdepartment, our clients have our full focus and attention and can be sure to be treated with respect, a welcoming smile and all our passion to help people.

We are cooperating with several business partners, clients and friends who need our language expertise, editing, revision and grammatical qualifications and our experience in the international, national, regional and local field. Additionally, we work together with public and governmental service providers, institutions and public departments who generally help our clients. We will help the foreign as well as the German side of the interaction to complete transactions and interactions successfully and effectively.

In short we take care of three main sectors:

In German that is:

  • Beratung
  • Begleitung
  • Bildung.

In English that is:

  • Consultations
  • Accompanying
  • Education.

Our fourth – non-profit – sector is concerned with social interaction and encounters.

We operate in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch

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