Accompanying Amt

This Amt is concerned with the cultural escort, support and accompanying (Begleitung) of our clients. Our team accompanies you to different administrative or other office visits in order to help translate and interpret what is being said as well as to properly represent your needs and wishes. We want to ensure correct and accurate representations as well as help our clients maintain the skills, talents, qualifications and competencies they have in their mother tongue but that are restricted to the language barrier with the German language.

In detail:

Escort and Accompanying to office and administrative visits

  • Ausländerbehörde
  • Agentur für Arbeit
  • Standesamt
  • Finanzamt
  • Bürgeramt
  • Bezirksamt
  • Gewerbeamt
  • Umweltamt
  • Gesundheitsamt
  • Bauaufsichtsamt
  • Standesamt

But also to:

  • Bank appointments
  • Phone and internet contracts
  • Apartment rental negotiations
  • Kita, kinder garden, schools
  • Doctors visits
  • Hospital visits
  • Tax advisor
  • Driving schools
  • First-aid classes

Contact us for a non-binding quote.

All services will be available in three ways of communication:

  1. In person – We will go with you to your appointments and visits).
  2. On the phone – Wwe will call the individual department or institution for you).
  3. Online (gchat, Skype, email, website) – You email, Skype, gchat us and we help you.

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