Reference network

In the event that we cannot complete a certain request due to technical or legal reasons, we have established a register of businesses and business partners for a reciprocating referral service.

In detail:

  • Where to find medical help: Medical and health care (doctors, physiotherapists, non-medical practitioners)
  • Where to find good administrative and legal help: tax advisers, lawyers, book keepers, driving schools
  • Traveling: Travel agents, exchange organizations
  • What to do in your free time: sport clubs, gyms, language classes, traveling, shopping, theatre, movies
  • Where to eat and drink well: restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs
  • Every day stuff: driving in Germany, post office, stationary store, organic food, vegan and vegetarian, eating with intolerances, laptop and computer help, car repair, …)

Since we are still working on our website, you will soon be able to find more information here. In the mean time, please contact us directly for recommendations of any kind.

Please also check our Links page to find recommended service providers.

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