This is Caro.

She is a very happy, open and friendly human being, marvelously passionate about what she does and gifted with an insane amount of patience for everyone but herself. Caro has traveled all her life and lived in many different cities, countries and continents. After a long time abroad in Gibraltar, Ireland, Canada and the US, she has now returned to Germany to enjoy life in Berlin.

Currently, she is doing her PhD in English and media studies, while pursuing other important and phenomenal things in her life like: satisfying her travel obsession, baking amazing cookies, embarking on culinary escapades with her husband (like pickling eggs or brewing beer), geocaching her way through Europe, learning new languages and despairing over refreshing old ones, working at a local craftsman store and book bindery, reading life-changing books life Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s Shadow of the Wind, hosting international couchsurfers and driving her friends and family crazy with her extraterrestrial optimism.

Caroline is a organizational mastermind with no end to alternative solutions and creative approaches to any problem whatsoever. She wanted to live on the diamond star Lucy or be a dinosaur but all those turned out to be a trifle difficile. Now she is equally enthusiastic about life on earth, doing doctoral work and lightening the burden for others who make the brave decision to move to Europe/Germany. Helping others has always been Caro’s calling and she realized she is truly happiest when feeling the reward of making others happy and sharing her skills and talents to improve other people’s lives.

Despite the fact that it is Sisyphean work, she has dedicated a tremendous amount of her time to understanding the complexity of German administration and is constantly improving her own professional skills to understand even more. She has Master’s degrees in English, psychology, anthropology and German as a Foreign Language and has been teaching and tutoring German and English worldwide for about 10 years and still loves it. Translation and editing work have been part of her life for about 8 years and helping people has been all her life. Right now, Caro is training to be certified intercultural coach and translator.

Alright, and here is what she does for the Kulturdepartment.

Since she is the founder of this project, Caro does anything and everything; from teaching to translating and from accompanying clients to calling city departments and pulling all sort of strings behind the scenes. Most of the time, she can be found workoholically working until late at night (or very early in the morning) because she won’t stop until a task is perfectly done, no matter how challenging. Her mission is to bring the world’s most talented people to one table and embark on this cultural endavor. In the end, Caro is the glue that holds everything together.

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