This is Sharon.

She represents the term “international” and understands first hand the realities of life between families from multiple cultures, because she is German, but married to an American and also has family in Italy and Israel. Sharon speaks German, English, and Italian fluently, and also knows French and Hebrew.

Ever since University, Sharon embarked on a multicultural journey, with a year of exchange in Italy, on a discovery of her Italian roots, as well as a year and a half in the United States, to pursue her Masters Degree in English. After she finished her Teacher’s State Exam for English and Italian at the University of Mainz in Germany, she moved to Piedmont, Italy, to pursue her dream job as a press officer of Slow Food International. She has lived there until recently, April 2015, when she decided that it was time to move back home to Germany and thus transferred to Slow Food Deutschland in Berlin to work in their press and communications office.

Sharon loves to communicate in different languages, to travel and get to know people from all over the world, which is also what she enjoyed most about working for an international NGO. Besides hiking, travelling, reading, and hanging out with friends, she also likes to try new recipes and write about food-related topics.

Having lived in several countries, Sharon understands the headache of making a move internationally. From the whirlwind of the Italian bureaucratic system, which swings you around in a gyro from office to office in the search for incomprehensible paperwork, unnecessary signatures, and police visits, to the German bureaucratic system that is overly strict with documentation for almost everything. To put it simply, she understands how chaotic, frustrating, and depressing the act of going to an immigration or tax office for paperwork can be.

At the Kulturdepartment, she is the contact person for Italians and generally she helps out with things such as tutoring, accompanying, cultural advice, translations, and to help wade through paperwork. Since she works for Slow Food, she can also give you some great advice in terms of where to go to eat throughout Germany.

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