This is Jasmin.

She has been a friend of Caro’s for more than 15 years and comes from the same area in Northern Germany as her. Jasmin was born to an Egyptian father and a German mother, and has enjoyed traveling to countries all over the world including Egypt, Jordan, the US, the UK and the rest of Europe. Since the Jasmin and Caro went to high school together, Jasmin has done an amazing amount of work and studied different languages, Islamic studies and rhetoric and argumentative theory in Germany and the Netherlands. She further developed her skills after her Masters degree in rhetorical studies in Amsterdam while working for major companies in the Netherlands. Living in Amsterdam, Jasmin is now married to a dutch man, joining and enjoying the club of intercultural and international relationships as most of us here at Kulturdepartment. She is fluent in German, Dutch and English.

To say the least, Jasmin is an organizational mastermind and solution-oriented, highly skilled marketing expert. She is extremely good at online marketing and she basically turns into a magician when it comes to AdWords, Google and Bing. Jasmin has a very clear and sharp train of thoughts which makes giving workshops, presentations and trainings of all sorts a piece of cake for her. She has mind-blowing analytical skills and her administrative talent makes you want her to run your company right away. She thinks and acts fast, always looking for the most efficient and best solution possible. She has great charisma and a wonderful sense of humor which makes it a pleasure to work with her.

Jasmin loves toasties and black East Frisian tea and prefers her Gin & Tonic with cucumber and a straw. She is outraged by the difference in price for parking in Berlin and Amsterdam, adores striped clothing and stands up for her rights, her opinions and a better and more just world.

At Kulturdepartment, Jasmin is responsible for all things Dutch and concerning the Netherlands as well as everything surrounding (Online) marketing. She also helps on an administrative, organizational and brain-storming level as well as with translations from Dutch to German and English. Knowing first-hand that intercultural life can be a roller coaster, Jasmin always does her best to share her experiences and guide people through tricky stages as they settled into life in Europe.

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