Cultural Consulting

We know what it feels like. We have been there. We have gone through it all ourselves. The horror, the frustration, the annoying hours you spend at European – especially German – city departments and offices. There are so many different ones, it is hard to keep up. First of all, it is a mystery where you should start and where you should go. Which forms to get first? Which department to go to and when? And most of all: Why? Although we cannot give a better answer than “that’s Germany for you”, we are most certainly here to help. We feel your pain and your exasperation and we know how difficult and confusing this whole process is to get settled in Germany after you have just arrived.

In case your German is already quite decent, the real headache starts when you have finally managed to get an appointment and have struggled your way through a cornucopia of forms and it all – still – does not make sense. When it comes to German Legalese there is no end to complicated compound words that Germans love so much.

At the “Amt”, language help is difficult to find – the administrative staff most certainly will not or cannot help. Most of them are legally bound to only speak German so that the content of any documents you have to sign and understand is conveyed correctly. And that’s where we come in.

The idea behind Kulturdepartment is to be the initial contact point for people who want to relocate to Europe, specifically Germany, even more specifically Berlin, and start a new life here. The team of Kulturdepartment will make the move to and life in Europe as smooth and easy as possible. We aim to provide our clients with an all-around-worry-free-package (Rundumsorglospaket) and individual guide through the complicated, complex and convoluted jungle of German officialese and administrative departments, while at the same time helping you embrace the new culture that surrounds you.

To us, the process of integration and immersion is essential to successfully accomplishing this big step in your life. We support clients from all over the world, with all sorts of professional and personal backgrounds, languages, and of any age or gender – because:

We are Kulturdepartment – your cultural consulting team.

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