Kulturdepartment, that’s us: Caro, Nick and our team. We are a team of highly trained and educated cultural consultants with international backgrounds and over 15 years of college education and training. We know about the importance of education, languages, communication and words themselves.

The idea behind Kulturdepartment is to be the initial contact point for people who are

  1.  College students and potential students
  2. Academic staff
  3. Administrative staff of the academic community
  4. Potential college students
  5. People who want to relocate to Europe

We aim to provide our clients with an all-around-worry-free-package (Rundumsorglospaket) and individual guide through the complicated, complex and convoluted jungle of academic officialese, academic communication and administration, while, at the same, time helping you embrace the new culture and environment that surrounds you.

The team of Kulturdepartment will make your experience as smooth and easy as possible. To us, the process of integration and immersion is essential to successfully accomplishing this big step in your life. We support clients from all over the world, with all professional and personal backgrounds, languages, and of any age or gender.

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